Four More Norwalk CT Establishments For You To Grab A Bite Of Food

Back to Norwalk, Connecticut we go, and it is worth stopping by there again. I know, there are a ton of Connecticut cities that beckon our attention, but don’t you just love Norwalk and its restaurants already? We visited four the first round, and it is time to make a stop by four more. These top Norwalk CT restaurants are going to be on your radar as you consider what you want to eat when you stop.

The Spread is first up, and that is an interesting and simple name. It is located on North Main Street, and you are talking brunch, including menu items like pork belly, octopus, tongue and Brussels sprouts. Okay, before you look at that and say yuck, those are just some of menu highlights. Relax, there is all kinds of great food ready to be served up there, including hamburgers.

Now on to Washington Prime, and it is on Washington Street. How would you like to eat some steak? That sounds great, and you’re not going to believe this. This place serves up octopus, too. Did we just accidentally land on that, or do a lot of places serve octopus in Norwalk? Think about how many places you might find octopus in thr city where you live. There is a buffet at this place, so it seems like you get a little of everything.

Tacos Mexico is next up, and it has me wanting Mexican cuisine right now. Tacos Mexico is on Fort Point Street, and the pictures of the food on a top travel site look delish. Reviewers say that this restaurant is rather small, and that makes me think of all the wonderful Mexican restaurants down in Texas. You should really like this place if you ask me. I k know I would.

Last on this list of Norwalk CT restaurants is Savor Healthy Pizza. It is on Main Avenue, and while ‘healthy’ is in the name, the pizzas look absolutely delicious and unique. Alright, which of these Norwalk restaurants would you put first on your list? For me, right now it would be a tie between the pizza place and the Mexican restaurant. However, I will break that tie for myself by listing one more menu highlight for the pizza place. They serve up a delicious chocolate cake, and so that is enough said right there. That pizza place really does look extra special.