A CT lawmaker proposes a bill that would give low-income residents a break from tolls

NEW HAVEN, CT (WTNH) – Pamela Dumas said, "The low income people shouldn’t be paying the tolls because their living on the edge of poverty as it is." State representative Christopher Rosario is proposing a bill that would allow low income residents to be exempt from paying possible tolls.

Christopher Rosario said, State Rep. 128th district Bridgeport. "People who are on state assistance, Husky, SNAP, veterans, seniors who are on fixed incomes those are the folks that I’m talking about. "Even though we don’t have tolls.some people say if we ever did it would be hardship.

Tyshawn Edwards said, "If I had to pay tolls, it means it’s going to make me go broke."

Melanie Capeles added, "We just don’t have the money to do that, we get by paycheck to paycheck."

Rosario said the state needs tolls and adds, "Especially with our out of state drivers. It is a freeway. They are running through our state damaging our roads they are not paying a cent."

But he said he has the backs of residents who can’t afford it. Rosario added, "I got elected to represent the 128th district. At the end of the day we are all state representatives and we have to look at everybody in the state of Connecticut."

Pamela Dumas says, "He is thinking about the people who can’t speak for themselves, the people who don’t have a voice, who don’t have money, they’re the forgotten people".

Some think it wouldn’t be fair for the people who can afford it.

Seneta Monteiro said, "They’ll probably complain why do they people who don’t have nothing get through free and we have to pay."

Others disagree. Dumas said, "I think if the people who have enough money have the compassion, if they have lived that life at all, or can relate to it all with friends or family members, then they won’t complain because they know their better off."

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